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Bob Ulrich
Posted on April 19, 2016

 Baby boomers can be active participants on social media. At 58 years old, I am living proof of that.

I have my own Facebook page. I have posted items to Modern Tire Dealer’s Facebook page from my laptop and Twitter account from my mobile phone. I tweet a lot while on the road, but not as much when I am in the office, much to the chagrin of our social media expert, Senior Editor Joy Kopcha.

Social media is a valid way to pass along news to our readers, or followers, as the case may be. I often joke about it being unsocial media because there is no face-to-face time. It can be a crutch for the youth of today to communicate without actual social interaction — even if they are sitting next to each other! — but that doesn’t make it any less valuable as a news source if journalistic standards are followed.

When I posted my first item on MTD’s Instagram account recently, I completed the social media trifecta. My experience involved downloading an app, learning the rules (you can’t upload photos from a desktop computer) and asking Joy a lot of questions. Although time-consuming, it is particularly useful to tag people or companies.

As of yet, I see no real value in Snapchat, because the posts are only temporary.

If it sounds like I am technologically advanced, keep in mind I still have a working 8-track tape player. What’s wrong with having one foot in the present and one in the past?

Many tire dealers “Like” us on Facebook, or “Follow” us on Twitter. We are just getting our Instagram platform started, so you can follow us on, too.

My advice? Participate in one or more of the social media platforms because doing so will help you sell tires and service, especially to younger generations. Tire manufacturers believe the millennials interact with retailers differently, and you should, too. Embracing social media is just one more way to convince existing or potential customers you are the place to go for vehicle maintenance.

Also, whether you are directly involved or you assign someone to post, tweet or respond, make sure it doesn’t become too distracting.

Instagram is one platform you can use to visually promote what is going on at your company. From a reporter’s perspective, it is a great place to highlight a product launch in Phoenix (photo above), the Mid-America Trucking Show and one of the largest tire dealerships in the country (photo below).
Instagram is one platform you can use to visually promote what is going on at your company. From a reporter’s perspective, it is a great place to highlight a product launch in Phoenix (photo above), the Mid-America Trucking Show and one of the largest tire dealerships in the country (photo below).

In March, I found myself traveling to Sloan Park, the Spring Training facility of the Chicago Cubs in Mesa, Ariz., with a bus load of Falken tire dealers. I try to get to as many dealerships as I can each year, but like everyone else am limited by time.

So here I found myself with the golden opportunity to pick the brains of our readers. Find out what’s going on in the marketplace. Ask how their suppliers are treating them.

While I was waiting for everyone to get on board the bus, I decided to tweet on @MTDMagazine. I found the photos I wanted, cropped them and tried to post them. I couldn’t figure out how to download multiple photos, so I just tweeted one. But I made a mistake, so I killed the tweet and started over. By the time I was finished with one tweet, the half-hour bus trip was over, and I hadn’t talked with anyone. Now that’s literally unsocial media.    ■

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Bob Ulrich Editor
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  • Randal Regan

     | about 2 years ago

    Very well said! I could not agree more.

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