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A Bridgestone DriveGuard fact sheet shows the key components of run-flat tires.
August 24, 2015

A flat performance for run-flat tires  Cover Story

The standard complaints about run-flat tires that wear too quickly and offer an uncomfortable ride aren’t going away. In the last five years as the replacement rate of non-run-flat tires on two-year-old cars has improved by 4%, the run-flat replacement rate hasn’t budged an inch.

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There are tools to help extract consumer data from your sales and service tickets. Leaving that data
August 24, 2015

Turn your data into profit  

Dave Vogel says most tire dealers are sitting on a pile of money. And ignoring it. Their computers might as well be stuffed with cash, and their filing cabinets overflowing like a triple-cherry slot machine jackpot.

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The 3200 battery tester from Bosch interfaces with a smart device to read and display battery data
August 31, 2015

Testing every battery in the fall is a ‘right-selling’ opportunity  

All but the youngest drivers remember when a slow cranking start or dim headlights signaled a dying battery. Those days are gone. Modern vehicles start instantly until — with no warning — they don’t. Many no-start problems occur when temperatures drop just a few degrees.

Tags: batteries, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, Clore Automotive Inc., Johnson Controls, Midtronics

Ricky Keith operates the presses. A second tire plant was built in Unicoi, Tenn., in 1996.
September 3, 2015

Mateer to the rescue  

McCreary Tire & Rubber Co. found itself at a crossroads in the early 1980s. The tire company founded by Harry McCreary in 1915 was in dire straits financially after more than 60 years of success. Bankruptcy was perhaps the most logical course of action.

Tags: Bob Ulrich, Don Mateer, Harry McCreary, Specialty Tires of America, STA

Samaritan Tire Co. in Minnetonka completed its transition to lead-free wheel weights a year ahead of
August 31, 2015

Test the alternatives as wheel weight markets shift away from lead  

Tire dealers in Minnesota, the latest state to ban lead wheel weights, have about five months to find non-lead alternatives. Minnesota’s wheel weight law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2016. In addition to Minnesota, lead wheel weights are illegal in California, Illinois, Maine, New York, Vermont and Washington.

Tags: Lead wheel weights, Lead-free wheel weights, Samaritan Tire Co., Wheel weights

The new Celsius for passenger cars has a 60,000-mile tread wear warranty. Toyo focused on tread
September 3, 2015

Is Toyo’s Celsius in a new category?  

The new Toyo Celsius is not an all-season tire like the Toyo Extensa A/S. It’s not a winter tire like the Toyo Observe GSi5.

Tags: Celcius, Passenger tires, Toyo, Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp.

Higher average ticket and strong traffic trends benefited repair shops
September 3, 2015

Higher average ticket and strong traffic trends benefited repair shops  

According to the results of our survey, demand for replacement tires increased in June. Indeed, from a volume standpoint the dealers reported that they sold 1.2% more tires in June on a year-over-year basis, following a 0.3% increase in May and a 0.2% increase in April.

Tags: Nick Mitchell, Your Marketplace

Depending on their size, vessels carrying container loads of tires can take from eight to 10 hours
September 3, 2015

Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo: Pro-business and pro-dealer  

Panama’s importance to global commerce cannot be overstated. It is a free-trade zone to Central and South America, with billions of dollars of products traveling through the Panama Canal every year.

Tags: 2015 Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo, Bob Ulrich, Gus Lima, Linda Bassitt, Panama, Sailun Tire Corp., Tornel

Mike Fox says fewer consumers are walking in the door and relying solely on a dealer’s
September 4, 2015

Tire Pros University  

Tire Pros is taking its marketing training on the road, meeting with its network of independent tire dealers for eight hours of discussion and data sharing during its Tire Pros University (TPU) summer classes.

Tags: Joy Kopcha, Tire Pros, Tire Pros University

Safeguarding customer data is the real issue when it comes to tire registration
September 3, 2015

Safeguarding customer data is the real issue when it comes to tire registration  

Mandatory tire registration is one step closer to being a reality. Before recessing for the summer, the U.S. Senate passed a long-term federal highway bill that, among other things, requires tire sellers to register tires at the point of sale.

Tags: Bob Ulrich, Bob Ulrich editorial, Editorial

For consumers shopping for all-season tires with maximum tread life, Michelin’s lineup now
September 4, 2015

Michelin replaces the LTX M/S2  

The newest tire in Michelin North America Inc.’s fleet isn’t designed to be an original equipment star. But that’s not to say the tire manufacturer isn’t expecting big things from the Defender LTX M/S. Michelin believes the Defender LTX is destined to become its top selling light truck tire — in part because it’s replacing the company’s current No. 1 LT tire.

Tags: CUV tires, Joy Kopcha, Light truck tires, Michelin North America Inc., Stephen Peters, SUV tires

Commercial Tire provides fleet service to customers from its stores in four states, including a
September 3, 2015

Making it happen: Saving fleets money  

Fleets place heavy demands on the tire dealers who serve them. Every move, every conversation, comes down to the same question: Can you save them money?

Tags: Commercial tires, HDT, Heavy Duty Trucking, Indy Tire Centers, Joy Kopcha, Retreading, Selling to fleets, Truck tires

September 4, 2015

Tire registration: voluntary or mandatory? Readers respond  

Each month we ask members of our National Advisory Council (NAC) a question or questions on a current hot topic. This month we asked, “What are your thoughts on tire registration? Do you believe it should be made mandatory or remain voluntary?” Here are some of their responses

Tags: Tire registration, Your Turn

Figure 1: Removing the tire pressure sensor.
September 4, 2015

TPMS: Subaru Legacy and Outback 2005-2013  

The tire pressure monitor system (TPMS) on the 2005 – 2013 Subaru Legacy and Outback checks the tire pressures of all four road wheels when the vehicle is driven at speeds above 25 mph (40 km/h), and warns in the event of a loss of pressure by means of a low tire pressure warning light.

Tags: Mitchell 1, Tire pressure monitoring systems, TPMS



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