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Hennessy Industries has added the BL300, BL400 and BL500 to its BaseLine by Coats tire changer
February 28, 2012

A technological balancing act  

It’s a procedure that’s been performed on vehicles since they were called “horseless carriages.” Service technicians have been demounting, mounting and inflating tires for years.

Tags: 3M, balancers, Balancing, Corghi, Hennessy, Hunter, IMI, Perfect Equipment, Plombco, Robert Bosch, Snap-on, Wheel Weights, Wurth

Hennessy now offers the Coats ProGuard Leverless tire changer equipped to handle difficult wheel and
June 30, 2010

At your service  

Tire service equipment manufacturers have developed new products specifically geared for working with difficult tire/wheel combinations — and doing it with ease.

Tags: Coats, Corghi, Hennessy, Hunter, John Bean, Mounting & balancing, Robert Bosch, Snap-on, Tire service

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