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Skid steer owners now have more options for tires designed to work in conditions from enduring the
August 21, 2014

Skid steer tread patterns go from all-purpose to purpose-built  

Dealers have more choices than ever when matching skid steer tire tread patterns to specific applications for their customers. “The skid steer product line looks a lot more like a small OTR or medium truck type of offering now,” says Nick Phillippi, general manager of Nebraskaland Tire Co. Inc., which also does business as Kansasland Tire and Coloradoland Tire.

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Plombco offers wheel weights for alloy and steel rims. The heavy-duty TALZ zinc weight is a
August 19, 2014

Wheel weights: Clip-ons or bags?  

Balancing all wheel positions, including trailer tires, has been documented to increase fuel economy by 1% to 2%, according to Derek Forney, marketing coordinator, International Marketing Inc. (IMI). “In fact, nearly half of a truck’s fuel efficiency related to tires comes from the trailer,” says Forney.

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The SmartWay-verified Sailun S665 EFT is available in six sizes.
June 20, 2014

TBC brand strategy  

One of the largest booths at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) was the TBC Corp. booth, which featured three truck tire brands: Sumitomo, Sailun and the new DynaCargo.

Tags: Commercial tires, Medium truck tires, Mid-America Trucking Show, TBC Corp., Truck tires

The average number of service calls for the reporting fleets was one per tractor for every 74,000
June 20, 2014

How do fleets manage tires?  

The S.2 Tire and Wheel Study Group of the American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) recently conducted a tire management survey, which produced some eye-opening statistics.

Tags: American Trucking Associations, Commercial tires, Heavy Duty Trucking, Jim Park, Medium truck tires, Technology & Maintenance Council, Truck tires


John Collins, left, president of American Crane Inc., talks with Chris Bates, OTR manager for the
April 16, 2014

OTR Tire Conference 2014  

On the tire side, higher speed is a goal. So are all-season tires for year-round operations, especially in winter.

Tags: Commercial tires, OTR Tire Conference, OTR Tires

Manufacturers are adding sizes and durability to tires they are introducing for forklifts, material
April 16, 2014

Industrial tire trends  

The dialogue at commercial dealerships is shifting from the price to the quality of industrial tires. Productivity and longevity are now trumping the lowest possible price in the purchase decision. “What we’re seeing mostly in terms of trends is the willingness of customers to take heed of what we’re telling them about what a tire will really do,” says Ned Edwards, owner of Star Tire Co. Inc. in Dallas, Texas.

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Wide-base tire update
April 16, 2014

Wide-base tire update  

To say the truck tire industry has experienced a lot of changes over the past three decades is an understatement at best. While tube-type bias-ply tires on multi-piece rims were still a significant part of trucking in the 1980s, they are practically dinosaurs today and more or less relegated to the intermodal and off-road markets.

Tags: Kevin Rohlwing, Truck tires, Wide-base tires

Tom Bowman says Belle Tire has become a one-stop service provider for fleets.
October 17, 2013

Dealers made investments during the downturn to prepare for the upturn  

The companies on the Modern Tire Dealer 2013 Top 25 United States Commercial Tire Dealers list are making a post-recession comeback. Fourteen of them recently opened or are planning to add outlets in 2013. In addition, nearly all of the top dealers are experiencing year-over-year increases in commercial sales.

Tags: Belle Tire, Commercial tire dealers, Service Tire Truck Centers, Tom Bowman, Top 25 Commercial Tire Dealers List

Paul Williams (left), Continental’s executive vice president for truck tires, worked closely
August 13, 2013

DLS Retreading and Continental: A ‘force multiplied’  

DLS Retreading Inc. opened the doors of the first all-new ContiTread licensed truck tire retreading facility in the United States last month.

Tags: ContiLifeCycle, Continental Tire the Americas LLC, ContiTread, DLS Retreading Inc., John Barnes, Paul Williams, Retread Truck Tires, retreading, Scott Snyder

Source: 2013 MTD Retreaders Survey.
August 13, 2013

Are retreaders too passive?  

It is safe to call retreading a mature market, based on the results of our 2013 Modern Tire Dealer Retreaders Survey. More than 85% of the estimated 680 domestic retread plants have been in business more than 20 years.

Tags: Commercial tire dealers, Retread survey, retreading, retreads

Understanding the application, load, and use of trailer tires helps dealers recommend the correct
August 13, 2013

Service trailer tires  

Knowledge is power, especially for independent tire dealers who realize that more product knowledge about service trailer tires powers more sales.

Tags: Ann Neal, Carlisle Tire & Wheel, Commercial tire dealers, Commercial tires, East Bay Tire Co., Kenda USA, Maxxis International, TBC Corp., Trailer tires


SmartWay-verified truck tires must meet stringent low rolling resistance criteria. Tires run cooler
June 14, 2013

Environmentally friendly truck tires  

Reducing nitrogen oxide emissions and fuel use by 3% or more “relative to the best-selling new tires for line-haul Class 8 tractor trailers” is the goal of the Environmental Protection Agency’s voluntary SmartWay program. Lowering rolling resistance is the way tire manufacturers are meeting that goal.

Tags: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, Going green, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Medium truck tires, Michelin North America Inc., SmartWay, SmartWay Verification, Truck tires, Yokohama Tire Corporation

The Galaxy King of Coal is back after four years of redevelopment with an innovative tread pattern
May 22, 2013

From skid steers to golf carts  

Dealers who stock specialty tires know that not every person who walks into the showroom needs tires for specialty trailers, skid steer loaders, industrial equipment, lawn and garden vehicles, and golf carts.

Tags: Alliance Tire U.S.A., American Omni Trading Co., Carlisle Tire & Wheel, East Bay Tire Co., Greenball Corp., Kenda USA, Specialty tires

The one-million-square-foot Alliance Tire plant in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India, was built from
May 22, 2013

No skidding: Construction recovery lifts sales of high-quality skid steer tires  

The economy remains difficult and consumer confidence continues to waver, yet manufacturers are selling more skid steer tires. “Our company has experienced a slight increase in skid steer tire sales from 2011 through early 2012, with sales in the latter half of 2012 through early 2013 showing a steady and significant increase,” says Tom Van Ormer, director of purchasing for East Bay Tire Co.

Tags: Alliance Tire U.S.A., BKT USA, Carlisle Tire & Wheel, Charlie Cohen, Commercial tire dealers, CTD, East Bay Tire Co., Industrial Tire Solutions, Michelin North America Inc., Skid Steer Tires

OTR tire market faces an uphill climb
April 23, 2013

OTR tire market faces an uphill climb  

The Off-the-Road (OTR) Tire Conference, hosted annually by the Tire Industry Association (TIA), is the tire industry’s largest event for dealers, retreaders, manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to the construction and earthmoving markets. For the 58th conference, representatives from 33 states and 18 countries came together at the Gran Melia Golf Resort and Spa in Puerto Rico to share ideas and learn more about the OTR tire industry.

Tags: Off-the-road tires, OTR Tire Conference, OTR Tires, TIA, Tire Industry Association

The new Ameri*Steel solid tire line uses a recycled base and press-on band.
April 22, 2013

Industrial tires go green  

The Commercial Specialty Tire business unit of Continental Tire the Americas LLC is launching two brands of remolded industrial tires for sale in North America. “In terms of cost, these lines are overall less expensive than a new industrial tire,” says Gary Sass, Continental’s market manager for industrial tires in the United States.

Tags: Continental, Continental Tire the Americas LLC, Going green, Industrial tires

Chart A
October 18, 2012

Embracing effective methods for educating employees  

Looking back on my 30 years in the tire business as a trainee and trainer, there are an infinite number of things that I would have done differently. As a young technician working for my dad, I took far too many chances and exercised far too little caution when handling inflated tires. I got lucky more than once. And when I became his unofficial trainer, I did little more than stop a few techs from hurting themselves. Barely.

Tags: Kevin Rohlwing, OSHA, Safety, Tire service, Training

The EPA has designated the Yokohama RY617 tire as the benchmark casing for retread technologies.
August 21, 2012

Tread freely  

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established a verification program for retreaded tires used on Class 8 line-haul trucks. Once a retreaded tire receives EPA certification, fleets using those tires will be compliant with California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations for low-rolling-resistance tires.

Tags: Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, SmartWay, Truck tires

Tire service trucks in OTR service face rugged work environments and need the durability and
June 18, 2012

Body of work  

Aluminum, fiberglass or steel? When it comes to which material is better for service truck bodies, size matters.

Tags: Ag Tires, Commercial tire dealers, Commercial Vehicles, Farm tires, Service trucks

Mark Muncy paints a finished retread at King Tire Service Inc. s Bluefield, W.Va., plant, the first
April 27, 2012

Top retreaders prep for growth  

Domestic retreaders produced 15.3 million truck tire retreads in 2011, 7% more than they did in 2010. Based on the expansion plans of the “Top 100” retreaders in the United States, those numbers will go up this year.

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