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August 05, 2010

Mr. Used Tires to give away free Web site

Mr. Used Tires, a Syracuse, N.Y.-based company that designs and posts Web sites for independent tire dealers, is offering a chance for any independent tire dealer, wholesaler or distributor to win a free, custom-designed Web site at zero cost for one year.

Independent tire dealerships in the United States with one to 250 locations are eligible.

"Your custom Web site will assist you in generating new business revenue," say Mr. Used Tire officials. The company "will provide everything from hosting services to an e-mail address, contact form and great exposure on the Web for the winner."

Deadline for entry is Aug. 10. For more information, visit www.mrusedtires.com/Rentals.html

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  1. Brian | August 07, 2010 at 06:19AM
    Correction from the owner of Mr. Used Tires: Any Independent Tire Shop, Dealer, distributor or wholesaler with 1 to 250 location may enter the contest for the free custom designed website and hosting services for one year.

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