The size on this Jeep wheel shows the offset is 56.4 millimeters. Using the technique described, our measurements were within 1.2 mm, close enough for our purposes.

Helping Your Customer Understand Why Wheel Offset Matters

A car’s chassis is more than the sum of its parts. Everything from the shock absorber’s top bushing right down to the tire contact patch is designed to work together as one complete system. Changing the design or material or just the adjustment of any one part can have an impact on the car’s handling and braking, not to mention the way the car feels as it rolls down the road.


More Ways to Avoid the Lawsuit Blues

In Modern Tire Dealer’s 2016 Performance Handbook, Kevin Rohlwing wrote a dynamic story on how to avoid the lawsuit blues when installing custom tires and wheels. That didn’t mean avoid a lawsuit, however.


TIA Updates Its Commercial Tire Service Program

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has issued an update to its Certified Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Program. The Association has mailed out 10,000 copies of the updated manual to dealers and its 800 certified CTS instructors.


60 Years Later, Midas Continues to Evolve

Midas International Corp. is celebrating its 60th anniversary this spring and still doing what the first franchisees did decades ago: responding to the market's changing needs.

Four of the people who celebrated the completion of a new Correa Tire retail store included, from left to right: Roger Hidalgo, Bridgestone sales director from Costa Rica; Daniel Benvenuti, president and director of Bridgestone North Latin America; Josue Carrera, co-owner of Correa Tire Distributors; and Erick Herrera, Bridgestone country manager in Costa Rica.

Correa Tire Gets Ready to Open 3rd Store in Puerto Rico

Correa Tire Distributors celebrated the completion of its third retail location in Puerto Rico on April 23 with a welcoming reception and party. Invited guests included existing customers, suppliers and Modern Tire Dealer.

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