Tire manufacturers are continually refining existing technology and introducing new concepts to the marketplace. Here’s a look at the latest advancements and how you can market and sell them.


Hangzhou Yokohama Tire President Tetsuya Nagao (second from left) poses with guests after unveiling
June 19, 2015

Yokohama starts biodiversity conservation

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. reports Hangzhou Yokohama Tire Co. Ltd., one of the company’s two tire manufacturing subsidiaries in China, has started biodiversity conservation activities in partnership with Hangzhou Normal University’s College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Tags: Conservation, Environmental practices, Wetlands, Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd.

Bright Technology showcased its new Premium line of wheel balancers at Autopromotec.
June 12, 2015

Bright Technology lights up Autopromotec

Having made its debut at the 2013 event, China-based Bright Technology Co. Ltd. returned for Autopromotec 2015 to specifically showcase its new Bright Premium range of wheel balancers which has been completely re-branded for the European tire and automotive market.

Tags: 2015 Autopromotec, Bright Premium, Joao Kwakernaat, John Stone, Tire service equipment

Booth space is still available for Tyrexpo India 2015.
June 9, 2015

Tyrexpo India 2015 continues to grow

Tyrexpo India 2015 will take place July 7-9 at the Chennai Trade Centre. The exhibition concentrates on the attributes of the Indian tire market and what the country can offer international businesses in the future.

Tags: Trade shows, Tyrexpo India

June 1, 2015

Exclusive: More from MotoGP's Hiroshi Yamada

When you get the chance to talk with one of the premier engineers -- and managers -- in MotoGP, is one story enough?

Tags: Hiroshi Yamada, Motorcycle tires, Motorsports

May 28, 2015

Exclusive: Why is Bridgestone leaving MotoGP?

On the eve of the MotoGP race at Mugello, Italy, Modern Tire Dealer Racing News presents a two-part interview with one of the leading motorcycle grand prix racing authorities in the world.

Tags: Hiroshi Yamada, MotoGP World Championship, Motorcycle tires

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Tire training: big business in Europe
June 30, 2015

Tire training: big business in Europe  

The diverse concept of business training has always been a particular point of interest for me. During my 23-year career within the international tire industry as a news journalist, editor and business media consultant I have witnessed the continual progressive growth of training facilities and techniques develop throughout Europe.

Tags: European Notebook, John Stone, Training

Tire registration and legislation
June 25, 2015

Tire registration and legislation  

Legislation should be the last resort when attempting to solve problems. Legislation is the lazy man’s way of getting things done. Legislation causes more grief in the long term than common sense does.

Tags: Bob Ulrich, Bob Ulrich editorial, Editorial, Tire registration

Figure 1: Here is an exploded view of the TPMS sensor.
June 3, 2015

TPMS: Ford Explorer 2011-2013  

The body control module (BCM) of the 2011-2013 Ford Explorer monitors the tire pressure in the four road tires with tire pressure sensors. The tire pressure sensors are battery operated and mounted to the valve stems.

Tags: Ford Explorer, Mitchell 1, Tire pressure monitoring systems, TPMS

Bridgestone’s Ecopia EP422 Plus is designed to give drivers an extra 20 miles per tank of
June 3, 2015

Bridgestone broadens appeal with new products, new sizes and new features  

Bridgestone Americas Inc. is offering more to its customers: more fuel efficiency, more safety, more performance.

Tags: Bridgestone Americas Inc., Bridgestone Ecopia, Bridgestone Potenza, DriveGuard

Ed Brewington (left), owner of Ed’s Carx in Chicago, reviews training options with Mike
June 3, 2015

With Garage Gurus, Federal-Mogul takes training to the technician  

Federal-Mogul Motorparts Inc. is opening the doors to a network of training centers so automotive technicians, service writers and shop owners can brush up on their skills and get acquainted with the latest automotive technology.

Tags: Federal-Mogul Motorparts, Garage Gurus, Training

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