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August 19, 2010

Corghi Monster AGTT changer gets SMART

Corghi has incorporated its Synchronized Movement Axial Rim Tool (SMART) system into its Monster AGTT heavy-duty tire machine, which can change medium truck, farm and earthmover tires.

SMART provides "a signficant benefit to operators by using leverless technology to reduce strain and risk of injury" in handling large, heavy tires, according to Corghi officials.

"With the whole tool block being operated hydraulically, the combination of (the Monster AGTT's) demounting device and the special bead loosening disc results in a particularly high degree of protection for rims and tires.

"Optimum safety is assured thanks to the lack of need for a base, which eliminates any unbalanced situations when loading and unloading tires and wheels. Meanwhile, a new controller allows the operator to command all of the machine's movements without touching the block."

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