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Bridging the gap between P-metric and LT sizes

By: MTD staff

If P-metric tires are mounted on light trucks, are they light truck tires? Yes and no. From the consumer’s perspective, the answer is “yes.”


Managing customer expectations

Managing customer expectations

It’s not unusual for me to have ideas. I’ve often said, “I have good ideas I haven’t even thought of yet.” However, every once in a while, I’m flooded with a tsunami of thoughts or ideas related to a particular subject. I’ve learned to write them down because as fast as they come, they go.

RSR 1: In this example of the RSR and the template, the yellow lines on the innerliner represent the

Tire repair trends

While there might be some debate regarding the first person to say “The only thing that is certain in life is death and taxes” (most attribute it to Ben Franklin), it’s obvious they were not talking about the tire business. Among the many certainties are the loss of tread depth, the dependence on natural rubber, the need for correct inflation pressure, and, of course, flat tires.

How to build more profits into mounting and balancing services

How to build more profits into mounting and balancing services

In the September issue of MTD, dealers, business coaches and manufacturers shared suggestions for getting more profits from mounting and balancing services. The following article looks at how equipment maintenance and technician training speed bay turns and lower costs.



What’s with the pound signs everywhere? You know that symbol “#” over the number 3 on the keyboard that looks like a Tic-tac-toe game board. We used to call it the “pound sign,” now it’s hashtag this and hashtag that.


Bob Ulrich's Editorial

Price fixation

Price fixation

By the time the last tariff on Chinese consumer tire imports ran its course, the average price of a tire had risen 28.4% in four years. Those lingering 4 for $99 specials suddenly became 4 for $127.11.

Commercial Tire Dealer

After you ask the question, stop talking and start taking notes. Don’t become defensive. If

Commercial challenges: Answers to 4 key questions will help you survive

Is your company keeping up with the changes in the commercial tire industry? Wow! That’s a great question. If you look around the industry, you’ll notice several trends that are taking place. One of the most significant is the disappearance of the small commercial dealer.

In addition to its non-traditional approach on Facebook, Purcell Tire posted videos on YouTube

Log on and promote

Social media has become a powerful promotional tool. Information about your business can be shared with thousands, even millions of potential customers almost instantaneously thanks to the popularity of mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Commercial dealers change with their markets

The nation’s top commercial tire dealers have adjusted their store counts, added equipment, expanded service offerings and emphasized employee training to be better competitors over the last year. All of those strategies are in play in the commercial division of Black’s Tire Service Inc. (BTS). The Whiteville, N.C., company is No. 23 on this year’s Top 25 Commercial Tire Dealers list.


European Notebook

Green tire technology



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