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A hard look at procrastination

A hard look at procrastination

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show is always the first week in November, and it’s a reminder to me that the end of the year is near.

Dealers told MTD that the top issues for 2015 will be nothing new -- employee recruitment and

Dealers say recruitment and regulations are top challenges in 2015

What issues will preoccupy tire dealers in the next 12 months? Employee recruitment, government regulation, margin pressures and casing supply, according to dealers we contacted. Although the year is new, the top issues affecting dealers’ operations are not. Many dealers cited these same challenges in 2014.

Nitto covered the SEMA Show in real time at its booth.

2014 SEMA Show coverage

Cab drivers in Las Vegas were told to be ready for 140,000 visitors during Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. That estimate proved to be too low.


Bob Ulrich's Editorial

Thanks a bunch!

Thanks a bunch!

We couldn’t put out Modern Tire Dealer month to month without our readers. You are the heart and soul of this magazine.

Commercial Tire Dealer

Bridgestone officials gather in front of the new OTR tire plant for a ribbon cutting. From left to

Bridgestone opens first radial OTR tire plant outside Japan

Building Bridgestone’s biggest tires requires 40 tons of rubber a day, equipment that stands three stories tall and a plant that spans 1.5 million square feet. And that’s just the beginning.

The market is transitioning to Increased Flexion and Very High Flexion tractor tires, says

Farm tire market trends for 2015

Corn production in the Midwest was greater in August than was forecast. At the same time, cotton production in the South was down year-over-year.




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