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April 2015

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For the dealer, by the dealer

By: Joy Kopcha

When Manny Geno took over the family tire business in 2006, he wanted to transform it from a grease monkey, good ol’ boy shop to a destination for customers who need tire and automotive work in the small town of Booneville, Miss.


The new counter works for both the dealership’s employees and their customers. It is now

100 years old and open to change

Since 1911, Daniels Tire Service has been serving the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas with dependable, quality products and service. Daniels Tire Service is a premier provider of commercial tires and operates a collection of retail tire and automotive repair locations.

The Robinair AC 1234-6 ACS features a large, colorful graphic display screen and an on-board printer

Get ready for R-1234yf

As more automotive manufacturers transition to using R-1234yf refrigerant, the need to update technicians’ training and the equipment in your shop is imminent.


Bob Ulrich's Editorial

How to prevent harassment

How to prevent harassment

At most, political correctness has taken over our lives. At the very least, it has taken over our livelihoods.

Commercial Tire Dealer

Alliance says it developed the Galaxy Giraffe XLW with extremely sturdy sidewalls, special tread

Sales of industrial tires pick up as ports and construction sites get busier

When the mining industry slumped, OTR retreader Noah Hickman of H&H Industries Inc. looked elsewhere for business. “We’ve branched out into markets such as ports, construction, and other areas to combat the slowdown of the coal market,” says Hickman, whose Oak Hill, Ohio-based company holds the No. 25 spot on Modern Tire Dealer’s “2015 Top 100 retreaders” list.

Andrew Stivers applies tread rubber at the Great Lakes Best-One Tire and Service’s Bandag

Plentiful low-cost truck tire imports cloud retreaders’ outlook

Production of retreaded truck tires grew nearly 5% in 2014, according to Modern Tire Dealer market data. Yet David Stevens, managing director of the Tire Retread and Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) says retreaders expect a flat year in 2015. “I don’t think anyone is forecasting much in the way of growth,” he says


Focus on the Industry

Continental’s ExtremeContact DWS06



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