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July 2015

July 2015 Modern Tire DealerTire Magazine


Burning issues: Tariffs, online sales, tight margins

By: Ann Neal

The independent dealers on this year’s Modern Tire Dealer 100 are finding ways to grow in the face of government regulation, changing consumer buying habits and economic uncertainty.


Ask leading and difficult questions with confidence

Ask leading and difficult questions with confidence

We have been looking at the importance of asking questions, the right questions in the right order for the right reasons that generate the right results.

Arfa Syed says sharing images on Twitter is key. Research shows tweets with images receive 18% more

Look to Twitter for a treasure trove of data to enhance your business

Signing up to use Twitter is one thing. Sending a tweet is another baby step. But using the social media network to draw attention to your business, engage with your customers and ultimately measure your results is another thing altogether. It might sound frightening and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Source: “The Power of Putting your Customers at the Center of your Business”; Townsend

Customer Experience creates loyalty

I met with a multi-store tire retail business owner recently who had no idea what “Customer Experience,” aka CE, meant. When I asked him about customer service, he knew immediately what to say: “Customer service is taking care of your customers,” he passionately proclaimed.


Bob Ulrich's Editorial

Tariffs: The rest of the story

Tariffs: The rest of the story

When the tariffs on consumer tires from China are implemented, who will suffer the consequences? Will your business suffer any repercussions?

European Notebook

A rocky ride on a space-saver tire

A rocky ride on a space-saver tire

This month my article revolves around a recent road experience I had as opposed to a market view, just to be different for a change.


Focus on the Industry

Autopromotec 2015



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