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August 2015

August 2015 Modern Tire DealerTire Magazine


A flat performance for run-flat tires

By: Joy Kopcha

The standard complaints about run-flat tires that wear too quickly and offer an uncomfortable ride aren’t going away. In the last five years as the replacement rate of non-run-flat tires on two-year-old cars has improved by 4%, the run-flat replacement rate hasn’t budged an inch.


Samaritan Tire Co. in Minnetonka completed its transition to lead-free wheel weights a year ahead of

Test the alternatives as wheel weight markets shift away from lead

Tire dealers in Minnesota, the latest state to ban lead wheel weights, have about five months to find non-lead alternatives. Minnesota’s wheel weight law goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2016. In addition to Minnesota, lead wheel weights are illegal in California, Illinois, Maine, New York, Vermont and Washington.

The 3200 battery tester from Bosch interfaces with a smart device to read and display battery data

Testing every battery in the fall is a ‘right-selling’ opportunity

All but the youngest drivers remember when a slow cranking start or dim headlights signaled a dying battery. Those days are gone. Modern vehicles start instantly until — with no warning — they don’t. Many no-start problems occur when temperatures drop just a few degrees.

There are tools to help extract consumer data from your sales and service tickets. Leaving that data

Turn your data into profit

Dave Vogel says most tire dealers are sitting on a pile of money. And ignoring it. Their computers might as well be stuffed with cash, and their filing cabinets overflowing like a triple-cherry slot machine jackpot.

Parnelli Jones partnered with winners, and won

Parnelli Jones partnered with winners, and won

I worked for Parnelli Jones for 20-plus years in a variety of capacities. In many ways, Jones is just an ordinary guy; in other ways, he’s quite extraordinary.




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