Fitment Group launches Demand Plus

Posted on June 17, 2014

Fitment Group has launched a new product, Demand Plus, that provides tire retailers and distributors with a turnkey demand planning and competitor pricing solution.

Building on the success of its fully integrated demand planning and competitor pricing tool called Demand Pro, Fitment Group wanted to deliver a product that did not require any data from its clients but still deliver impactful market demand data and competitor pricing data that will assist in increasing sales, margins and profits.  

“Tire retailers of all sizes today should be in a position to cover at least eight out of 10 customers that come through the door,” says J.P. Brooks, director, business development. “Studies have proven that consumers are making buying decisions faster than ever, having the right tire in stock, priced competitively and completing the sale quickly is ultimate goal.

“Understanding the vehicle mix and fitments in our clients market is the first step to achieving this goal,” says Brooks. “Combining the market demand data with competitor pricing rounds out the tool to ensure you are competitive on both fronts. Understanding one without the other is not the most effective strategy.

“With Demand Plus we can deliver both data sets and solutions together in one application.”

Fitment Group’s Demand Plus application allows each client to create a custom market/trade area by mileage or zip code. Demand Plus will display the vehicle make-up and demand for this market mapped back to Fitment Group’s proprietary fitment data, thus providing tire demand down to the specific tire size.

Demand Plus allows each client to select the competitors of their choice for pricing analysis. The competitor pricing data is updated each week to ensure accuracy and can be exported and integrated into other applications. Fitment Group currently collects pricing from hundreds of online locations and is collecting and mapping millions of individual tire SKUs each week.

“Demand Plus is very easy to set up, easy to make impactful business decisions and a very user friendly application,” Brooks says. “This application provides our clients with low hanging fruit and great ROI on initial launch. Demand Plus will ensure you have a competitive stocking and pricing strategy to maximize your profits and opportunities.”

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