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Retreaders Appeal to President Trump on Tariff Decision

Posted on May 31, 2017

Marangoni Tread North America Inc. is leading an effort to prompt President Donald Trump to take action in response to the government’s decision not to impose tariffs on truck and bus tires from China. 

The petition asks Trump to "honor his campaign promise by taking the appropriate action to ensure America first."
The petition asks Trump to "honor his campaign promise by taking the appropriate action to ensure America first."
Marangoni has created a petition on the White House website asking Trump to fill the vacant seat on the six-member International Trade Commission. One of its members, Dean Pinkert, recused himself from the truck tire investigation last year, and has since vacated his seat on the board. Marangoni, which says it created the petition “on behalf of all of us that are in retreading and related industries” believes Pinkert’s absence “undoubtedly impacted the final determination.”

Modern Tire Dealer contacted Pinkert, but he declined our opportunity for an interview.

The petition needs 99,999 signatures by June 25, 2017. If it reaches that goal, the administration will respond. (The number of signatures needed for a response is standard for all petitions filed.) The administration's hope is to respond to these petitions within 60 days. According to the petition website, the White House promises any petition that meets the signature threshold will be forwarded “to the right policy folks across the government,” whether they’re in a White House office or another federal department or agency. Everyone who signs the petition will receive the administration’s response via email.

Below is the full text of the petition, as published on the White House site. Marangoni distributed a longer petition via email, which is available here. (When petitions are filed online they are limited to 800 characters.)

We request President Trump to appoint a new commissioner to fill the vacancy at the U.S. International Trade Commission

Over sixty thousand U.S. jobs in the retreading and related industries are being threatened as a result of the February 22nd, 2017 ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission not to impose tariffs on truck and bus tires produced in China.

One member of the Commission who had voted in the affirmative during the preliminary hearing recused himself in the final determination case. The absence of this commissioner undoubtedly impacted the final determination. The final vote was 3 negative to 2 not to impose and a 3 to 3 tie vote would have led to tariffs being affirmed.

Retreading good quality truck tires provides us with a huge environmental benefit by conserving our precious raw materials such as oil, steel, rubber and carbon black.

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  • Charles Enrique

     | about 10 months ago

    not good.. they are only thinking of themselves - Unions and Retread Industry.. not the general public that will have to pay more $$$ for everything they buy as the increase in tire cost will be passed on to the US consumers in literally every industry . US manufacturers & retreaders cannot supply the US Market demand for Truck tires at a reasonable cost.. period...

  • See all comments
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