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Alliance Agriflex+ 389 VF Flotation Tire Is Designed for Implements

Posted on October 11, 2017

Alliance Tire Group (ATG) has put a special focus on soil compaction with its newest very high flexion tire, and this one is built for implements.

The Alliance Agriflex+ 389 VF flotation tire can carry the same load as a standard radial flotation tire with 30% lower inflation pressure — or 30% more load when filled to the same pressure as a conventional radial flotation tire. 

The Agriflex+ 389 VF flotation tire is rated for speeds up to 40 mph.
The Agriflex+ 389 VF flotation tire is rated for speeds up to 40 mph.
James Crouch, marketing specialist for Alliance Tire Americas (ATA), says the VF flotation tire helps farmers and manure applicators take a critical step toward reducing soil compaction.

“Until now, most of the industry’s focus has been on creating VF tires for tractors and combines — which is a great start at reducing damage from compaction. But Alliance has been working on also reducing damage to the soil from heavy implements behind the tractor,” Crouch says. “We believe it’s important to provide our customers with solutions that address every machine that crosses the field so they’re not taking two steps forward and one step back. Ultimately, that’s how we’re going to help farmers achieve their full yield and profit potential.”

The Alliance Agriflex+ 389 VF flotation tire is also rated for speeds of up to 40 mph. Its non-directional tread, which the company says is ideal for wet conditions because it allows for forward or reverse operation to get out of sticky situations, is optimized for traction and self-cleaning in the field and stability over the road.

The Alliance Agriflex+ 389 VF flotation tire is available in sizes covering a range of heavy implements: 560/60R22.5,



710/50R26.5 and


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