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August 25, 2015

Capture data now to make money later

Dealers recommend and consumers decline thousands of dollars of service a day. Just one detail stands in the way of dealers recouping those lost sales.

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, Dave Vogel, Graham Tire Co., Jay Adams, MaddenCo

January 14, 2015

ASA adds text messaging to TireMaster

ASA Automotive Systems has improved the customer retention capabilities of its TireMaster system through integration with the Text-4-U customer engagement platform.

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, ASA TireMaster

August 4, 2014

ASA previews software at conference

ASA Automotive Systems shared software updates and previewed design innovations at its 17th annual software conference July 27-29 in Austin, Texas.

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, Constellation Software Inc., Ken Halle

May 9, 2014

ASA releases latest versions of TireMaster

ASA Automotive Systems has released the latest versions of its TireMaster 8.8.0 and TireMaster POS 3.8.8 software for independent tire dealers. Carfax service history reports are among the improvements.

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, ASA TireMaster, Dave Vogel

March 14, 2014

ASA software meets Yokohama's requirements

ASA Automotive Systems has introduced ASA Yokohama Interface software that complies with Yokahoma Tire Corp.’s new dealer sales data reporting requirements

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, ASA's Yokohama Interface, Yokohama dealer reporting

October 25, 2013

Highest attendance ever for ASA conference

ASA Automotive Systems, a provider of software systems and services to independent tire dealers, reported the highest attendance ever at its 16th annual InfoExpo software conference in Nashville, Tenn.

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, Brahler's Truckers Supply, Scott Hopkins, software conference

June 4, 2013

ASA Automotive ups customer service efforts

ASA Automotive Systems announced it has appointed a Director of Customer Services, Mike Provencher, in a new role that is consistent with ASA’s ongoing focus on providing value that matters most to the client.

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, Mike Provencher, Scott Hopkins, Software Systems

March 26, 2013

Strong spring for ASA Automotive Systems

ASA Automotive Systems announced that spring 2013 brings growth and optimism for the company with its latest release of TireMaster software, an expanding customer base and growing career opportunities.

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, Scott Hopkins, Shop Software, TireMaster

September 21, 2012

ASA Automotive Conference sets record

ASA Automotive Systems (formerly ASA Tire Systems), a provider software systems and services to tire dealers and auto repair shops, has declared its 15th annual InfoExpo Conference, Sept. 9-12, 2012, in Tucson, Arizona, to be one of their largest and most successful user conferences to date.

Tags: ASA Automotive Systems, Dave Vogel, Jody DeVere, Software Systems

April 27, 2012

ASA adds service estimator solution

ASA Automotive Systems reports more than 300 tire and general automotive service locations using its TireMaster and AutoRepairMaster software now have the capability to increase vehicle parts and service revenue and gross margin through its powerful Epicor Integrated Service Estimator (ISE) solution.

Tags: ASA, ASA Automotive Systems, Computer software, Service estimator

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