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October 6, 2014

Why you should be open on Sunday

Is the cost of being open on Sunday, either monetarily or personally, worth it? That is the $64,000 question (OK, I am dating myself).

Tags: B.O.B., company-owned stores, Parts stores, Sunday hours


September 25, 2014

Chinese tires lack quality -- true or false?

Consumer Reports recently included Chinese tires in a 20-tire comparison test. The Chinese tires finished 18th, 19th and 20th, respectively.

Tags: B.O.B., Chinese imports, Consumer Reports


August 21, 2014

Chinese subsidies may be the root of all evil

If China is backing its tire exporters with large subsidies, should we fight fire with fire by implementing tariffs?

Tags: B.O.B., Chinese imports, Tire tariffs

August 7, 2014

Are tire manufacturers pro-tariff?

The silence is deafening. Since the United Steelworkers filed a complaint against the influx of consumer tire imports from China, not a single tire manufacturer has come out for or against a tariff.

Tags: B.O.B., Tire tariffs, USW


July 21, 2014

Yokohama, Michelin, Bridgestone and... Kenda?

On the heels of the 2014 Open Championship at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England, Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich turned back the clock to July 20, 2003. That was the day Kenda USA was the most popular tire company in the world.

Tags: B.O.B., Sports marketing, Television commercials

June 26, 2014

Long tread life is dead to some consumers

Sometimes tread wear is the most important feature of a tire to a consumer. Sometimes it is not.

Tags: All-Season Tires, B.O.B., Tread wear warranty, Vredestein Quatrac


June 12, 2014

There will be consequences to tire tariffs

Here we go again. The United Steelworkers have filed a complaint against China because consumer tire imports from there have increased dramatically, and the union thinks that will hurt our domestic labor force (well, workers who are union members).

Tags: B.O.B., ITC, Tariffs, Tire pricing, Tire tariffs, USW


May 29, 2014

Are Chinese tires becoming the new normal?

Consumer tire imports from China are up significantly through the first quarter of this year. In the past, that may have caught the attention of the United Steelworkers union, which, in turn, might try to get the United States government involved.

Tags: B.O.B., Chinese Tire Imports, USW

May 13, 2014

ABC is running with its tire aging report

ABC News is reporting on tire aging again. And it is integrating the latest investigative report into its news coverage on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

Tags: ABC News, B.O.B., Dan Zielinski, RMA, Sean Kane, Tire aging


May 8, 2014

Online tire sales: to tax or not to tax

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, and you sell tires in any of the 45 states that charge sales tax, you have to charge sales tax.

Tags: B.O.B., New Jersey State Tire Dealers Association


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