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April 23, 2015

Goodyear prepares to announce plant location

When Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. announced almost a year ago that it was going to build a consumer tire plant, it did not specify where. Chairman and CEO Rich Kramer would only say it would be built in "the Americas."

Tags: B.O.B., Rich Kramer, Tire plant

April 16, 2015

Chinese tire manufacturers take center stage

What is going on at the North American Tire & Retread Expo? On the first day of what exposition organizer Gus Lima says is a buying and selling show, exhibitors were wheeling and dealing.

Tags: B.O.B., Gus Lima, Helio Castroneves, IRL, North American Tire & Retread Expo

April 2, 2015

A path the USW can't afford to take

Sometimes you don’t need a crystal ball. You just need good eyes to see what’s happening around you.

Tags: B.O.B., Labor Unions, Tire manufacturers, United Steelworkers, Wages

March 19, 2015

ATD increases sales dramatically, but suffers loss

American Tire Distributors Holdings Inc. posted a net loss of $94.6 million on net sales of $5 billion for its fiscal year ended Jan. 3, 2015. That compares to a net loss of more than $6.3 million on sales of $3.8 billion for fiscal 2013.

Tags: ATD financials, ATDOnline, B.O.B., Tire Pros, TireBuyer.com

March 5, 2015

Why one dealer says Goodyear should not sell tires online

Charley Gowland is a longtime independent tire dealer. He has built a mini-empire in Louisiana with his 14-store Chabill's Tire Service LLC retail and commercial chain.

Tags: B.O.B., Chabill's Tire, Charley Gowland, Dealer meeting, Online tire sales


February 19, 2015

Why TPMS sensors are scaring winter drivers

Boy, is it is cold and snowy out there! And with the cold and snow comes the chance to sell more winter tires, or replace tires destroyed by potholes.

Tags: B.O.B., Tire inflation, TPMS Sensors

February 5, 2015

Tire wholesalers fared well in 2014

Now that 2014 is over, how did the wholesale distribution channel perform compared to 2013? If you said better than the previous year, you would be right.

Tags: B.O.B., Distribution channels, State-of-the-Industry Survey

January 22, 2015

Giti is unhappy with tariff determination

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced its affirmative preliminary determination in the anti-dumping investigation of imports of certain passenger vehicle and light truck tires from China on Jan. 21, 2015.

Tags: B.O.B., Chinese tire imports, Tire tariffs

January 15, 2015

The tire Continental will replace is a secret

A very popular old tire is being replaced. It’s a secret, but Modern Tire Dealer has the scoop for you!

Tags: B.O.B., Continental ExtremeContact

January 6, 2015

Dealers compare Walmart pricing experiences

Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich’s blog on Wal-Mart Stores Inc’s advertised sales prices generated many comments, including one reader who says: “Our position is that our service, before, during and after the sale is worth a small premium, and we simply don't chase customers chasing the lowest price.”

Tags: B.O.B., Tire pricing, Walmart


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