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October 02, 2013

Pronto names IDUSA its top private brand supplier

Mike Mohler (center), vice president and product manager of Pronto, presented the organization’s Private Brand Supplier of the Year award to IDUSA at Pronto’s recent Shareholder’s Conference. Anan Bishara (left), CEO, and Denise Burrell, senior account manager, accepted the award on behalf of IDUSA.
Mike Mohler (center), vice president and product manager of Pronto, presented the organization’s

International Distributors USA Inc. (IDUSA), a New York based company that has established a global supply network of automotive replacement parts, has received the 2013 Private Brand Supplier of the Year award from the National Pronto Association.

Pronto says IDUSA was selected for excellence in delivering quality Pronto-branded packaging, products, and support.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Pronto,” says Anan Bishara, chief executive officer of IDUSA.

“When you are recognized by a very successful organization such as Pronto, it says a lot about you and the way you do business. As a National Pronto vendor, we work side by side with exceptional, industry-leading manufacturers, so it takes a great effort and commitment to be the best.”

The association says its members noted that chose IDUSA because it was fully committed to the organization, maintained the optimum supply, and demonstrated a very high priority for the Pronto brand. The members also cited IDUSA’s great sales support and cataloging, as well as its excellent product coverage including late model applications.

The National Pronto Association is an organization of independent automotive aftermarket warehouse distributors, auto parts stores and auto service centers.

IDUSA offers a comprehensive private label solution from initial product specification and requirements to coverage, package design, quality control, logistics, and distribution. Key product offerings include a full line of automotive filter including oil, air, fuel, cabin and transmission as well as a full line of wiper blades, standard, beam, hybrid and OE fit rear blades.

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