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December 31, 2013

Advantage ID adds commercial tire labels

The Advantage ID Commercial Tire Products Division of Symbology Inc. announced that there are three new types of tire labels have been added to the standard product line from Advantage ID.

The company now offers a smaller three-part barcode set (500 sets per roll) for casing tracking in retread plants. Custom tracking sequence numbers are available along with 13 different barcode colors.

Also available is a new four-part barcode set. In addition to the standard 3-inch by 6-inch Finished Goods/RAR labels, Advantage ID now offers a larger customized RAR label featuring both a dealer logo and the manufacturer’s logo.

Advantage ID says it continues to add application-specific consumables for the commercial tire industry. Along with our core products (barcodes, labels and ribbons) the company provides standard or custom business forms, curing envelope barcodes, permanent barcodes for life cycle tracking; and other products such as floor mats, service tags, and service reminder decals.

For more information visit the company’s website.

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