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December 10, 2013

ALI’s board has a new kind of class

Evan Calarco of Total Tool Ltd., Castleton, N.Y., is the first ALI associate class member to be elected to the organization’s board of directors.
Evan Calarco of Total Tool Ltd., Castleton, N.Y., is the first ALI associate class member to be

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) says its board of directors, which is historically comprised solely of lift manufacturers, will include a representative from the lift inspection side of the business for the first time in 2014 with the election of Evan Calarco of Total Tool Ltd. in Castleton, N.Y.

Calarco is the board’s first associate class member of ALI, created as part of ALI’s Lift Inspector Certification program launched in Nov. 2012. Any North American organization with at least one ALI-certified lift inspector on staff may join ALI as an associate class member.

Associate class members have access to exclusive industry resources, training materials and discounts. They also vote to put forth the associate class member board representative. More than 40 companies have joined ALI as associate class members in the past three months.

“The addition to our board of an associate class member who represents ALI Certified Lift Inspectors reflects well on the growth of the organization and our vision for the future,” says Bob O’Gorman, ALI president.

ALI’s 2014 board also includes: Chairman Jerome Lentz of Challenger Lifts (Louisville, Ky.); Douglas Grunnet of Stertil Koni USA (Streator, Ill.); Gary Kennon of Rotary Lift Consolidated (Madison, Ind.); Jeff Kritzer of Bendpak, Inc. (Santa Paula, Calif.); Pete Liebetreu of Hunter Engineering Co. (Bridgeton, Mo.); Stet Schanze of Gray Manufacturing Co., Inc. (St. Joseph, Mo.); and O’Gorman.

The Lift Inspector Certification Program provides third-party qualification of vehicle lift inspectors and certifies those who demonstrate they are capable of properly inspecting vehicle lifts in accordance with the ANSI standard governing vehicle lift inspection. Detailed information supporting the program can be found at www.autolift.org/certified-inspectors.

To learn more about ALI, visit www.autolift.org.

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