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December 06, 2013

Bosch renews partnership with storm chaser

Robert Bosch LLC has launched an advertising campaign featuring the company’s Bosch Icon premium wiper blade.

Having renewed the partnership with professional storm chaser, Reed Timmer, this Bosch campaign intends to drive awareness of Bosch Icon and associate it with severe weather conditions and their impact on everyday life. The campaign, scheduled to run from December 2013 to February 2014, puts a major emphasis on television and also includes digital and social media elements.

To communicate the campaign’s message that Bosch Icon is designed for severe weather conditions when reliable wipers are a must, one 30-second TV spot will run designed to inform and engage the audience to provoke their interest in Bosch Icon blades.

The spots will air nationwide from December through February on all relevant cable networks that have high viewership and reach the target audience in key retail markets. Network radio will provide coverage through traffic, weather and sports sponsorships. Digital advertising banners featuring Icon will use weather-related positioning. Banner ads, utilizing a mobile strategy, will appear on weather-related websites and drive consumers to retail locations that carry the Icon blade. Social media will round out the campaign with Twitter and Facebook ads and messages.

Bosch says the Icon’s bracketless construction and dual rubber technology deliver up to 40% longer life compared to other premium beam blades, and its dual precision-tensioned internal steel springs provide a contoured fit for full contact across the curvature of each side of the windshield.

For more information visit  www.BoschClearTheWay.com.

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