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December 26, 2013

SMP has new TechSmart video for imports

Standard Motor Products Inc. (SMP) has released a TechSmart Tech Session video on import automotive repair highlighting all-new electronic throttle bodies for Nissan and Infiniti, and VVT chain tensioner kits for VW and Audi.

The video also covers power distribution centers for VW and Audi, an ignition coil harness repair kit, expansion tank service kits for BMW and more.

“Import car manufacturers are often on the cutting-edge of technology and with TechSmart, we havemade it our mission to stay ahead of the import curve.” says Phil Hutchens, vice president engine management marketing.

 The Tech Session video series is available for viewing on the TechSmart YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/TechSmartParts, as well as on www.facebook.com/TechSmartParts.

The TechSmart line of enhanced engine control parts are designed to meet the needs of today’s professional service technicians by providing them with high-quality, hard-to-find, problem-solving parts featuring new categories and new technology that they can trust.

For additional information, contact an SMP sales representative or visit www.TechSmartParts.com.

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