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December 03, 2013

VDO Contisys Check Service Tool is compact

The new ContiSys Check Service Tool package includes the compact, hand-held device, EOBD cable, USB cable, Quick Start guide and a documentation CD.
The new ContiSys Check Service Tool package includes the compact, hand-held device, EOBD cable, USB

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket has added a new diagnostics and services category to its aftermarket program with the new hand-held VDO Contisys Check Service Tool, a compact and powerful service tool that covers a wide range of everyday service and diagnostic tasks.

The VDO ContiSys Check can handle the following applications:

  • Efficient and reliable downloading of ECU data during vehicle check-in;
  • Engine diagnostics during servicing, includes more than 20,000 manufacturer-specific fault codes;
  • Resetting service and oil change interval indicators, service resets include BMW CBS, Mercedes-Benz Assyst Plus and VAG CAN;
  • Resetting airbag and pre-tensioner systems;
  • Support for electric parking brakes;
  • ABS/ESP and the Mercedes-Benz SBC system for servicing brakes; and
  • Calibrating VAG DSG transmissions.

The new tool can also be used for air conditioning troubleshooting and service, CR diesel injector coding and steering-angle sensor service.

Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket is an aftermarket supplier of OE-engineered aftermarket parts for HVAC and engine cooling, door systems, brake systems, engine management, fuel systems and instrumentation,

For more information, visit: www.vdo.com/usa.

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