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January 02, 2014

Federal wins Taiwan Excellence Awards

For the third consecutive time, Federal Corp. announced that it has been honored with the 2014 Taiwan Excellence Award for its two latest tire models, the Formoza AZ01 FRF runflat passenger car tire and Federally G-10 gravel rally tire.

The 22nd Taiwan Excellence Award, which is delivered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council, announced the winners, and both of the two models were selected out of the 1,281 products by the professional judges.

Federal says the tires won because of their remarkable performance, design, quality and marketing. Federal was also the only passenger car tire and motorsports tire winner.

As a new asymmetric passenger car tire featured with special compound and pattern design, AZ01 FRF enables drivers to carry on driving at a certain speed as a blowout occurs while travelling, maintaining safety and seeking more time for drivers to have the flat tire fixed. AZ01 achieves the best combination of performance, comfort, security and efficiency.

Meanwhile, designed to complement the performance for off-road rallying, Federally G-10 is a rally gravel tire with a special compound and unique unidirectional pattern design. It delivers strong traction, durability and maneuverability on either dry or humid course conditions during acceleration and braking while intensive driving.

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