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January 23, 2014

Vision Wheel launches Milanni luxury wheel line

The Vision Wheel Milanni Kahn, style 9032, comes in Phantom Chrome.
The Vision Wheel Milanni Kahn, style 9032, comes in Phantom Chrome.

Vision Wheel Inc. says the new Milanni wheel line is designed for car owner who want to set their ride apart from the rest of the crowd with unique, luxury custom wheels designed to enhance the visual impact of any foreign or domestic sport/luxury tuners.

The new line features bright painted finishes as well as new Phantom Chrome, sporting a mile-deep look that comes with a three-year finish guarantee.

The one-piece, cast aluminum wheels feature a machined lip face and aggressive fitments to complete the look of any model, notes Vision Wheel.

Wheels are available in sizes 18.8.8 to 22x10.5. Painted finishes include gloss black and satin black. Shown is Milanni Kahn, style 9032, in Phantom Chrome; other styles include VK-1 and Kapri.

For information, visit www.visionwheel.com,

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