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March 21, 2014

DENSO introduces TPMS sensor program

DENSO Products and Services Americas Inc. has launched a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensor program with 16 part numbers covering more than 100 popular passenger cars, sport-utilities, trucks and crossovers, or more than 25 million vehicles on the road.

Additional DENSO TPMS sensor part numbers will be announced later this year.

“Because of their innovative design, two DENSO TPMS sensor part numbers cover 73% of Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles, and an additional two part numbers cover 36% of Honda and Acura vehicles,” says Fran Labun, vice president, sales group.

DENSO TPMS sensors maintain diagnostic capabilities, enabling quick and accurate troubleshooting, according to the company. Other benefits are:

* 10-year battery and

* quick, direct-fit installation, with no need for time-consuming cloning or programming.

DENSO says its original equipment experience ensures that First Time Fit sensors provide unmatched performance, reliability and fit.  

TPMS sensor part numbers are published in DENSO e-catalogs. Customers can place an order by contacting a DENSO sales representative, by calling 1-877-675-5463 (option 2), or by emailing [email protected]

Orders qualify for My DENSO Rewards Points, a  rewards program for aftermarket customers who sell and install DENSO products.  For more details visit http://www.densoautoparts.com/tpms-sensors

To view a consumer-oriented video, visit www.densoautoparts.com/tpms.  The video is also available on YouTube.

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