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March 10, 2014

Vogue Tyre acquires E&G Classics

Vogue Tire & Rubber Co. has acquired certain assets of E&G Classics Inc., and formed a new company in the process: E&G Corporation LLC.

The combination of E&G, a leader in the design and manufacture of automotive aftermarket restyling products, and Vogue positions both companies for substantial growth.

“Partnering with E&G is a great opportunity for Vogue Tyre, E&G, and our collective customers,” says Greg Hathcock, president of Vogue Tyre. “We know that combining the strengths of both organizations will allow both companies to provide better service and support to our customers. It’s great that we can celebrate our 100th anniversary by aligning with E&G.”

Lynn Eash, general manager of E&G Classics, says his company's expertise in manufacturing and design aligns very well with Vogue Tyre’s strengths in the areas of marketing, sales and distribution. "We are re-energized and refocused on growing our custom grille and ground effects businesses.”

E&G believes in old-fashioned craftsmanship, and uses only the highest quality materials, continually investing in new technology and design and manufacturing capabilities to stay at the forefront of the automotive restyling industry, he adds.

E&G has a worldwide network of more than 100 distributors, which includes locations in every major metropolitan market in the United States. For more information, visit www.egclassic.com.

For more information on Vogue Tyre, which was founded in 1914 and invented the whitewall tire, visit www.voguetyre.com.

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