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April 08, 2014

Mitchell 1 adds live training to website

Mitchell1 has added live online training sessions to the options for mastering its repair, diagnostic and maintenance information programs available at its website.

The training sessions are offered through the Get2Know Training Center section of the Mitchell 1 website.

The sessions cover various product features and include real-world example lookups, followed by questions and answers. Live training is offered for ProDemand, SureTrack, ProPack (Lube Sticker Pro, Message Pro and Report Pro) and products covering Class 4-8 trucks.

“The live training sessions in the Mitchell 1 Get2Know Training Center are a really good resource to help technicians and other professionals become proficient quickly with Mitchell 1 products,” says Nick DiVerde, senior marketing director.

“Whether they’re a beginner looking to get started, or a more advanced user looking for a specific answer, they’ll find valuable information in the center to help them get to the next level of mastering their software.”

In addition to live training, the Get2Know Training Center also provides training videos for ProDemand covering topics such as vehicle selection, maintenance, codes, components, service manual, SureTrack, estimate guide and quotes.

The video training available for the Manager SE shop management software includes easy-to-follow 30-minute modules that can be completed for product certification.

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