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April 18, 2014

Pirelli introduces the Cinturato P1 Plus

Pirelli says the its new Cinturato P1 Plus is the first premium UHP summer tire backed by a mileage warranty.
Pirelli says the its new Cinturato P1 Plus is the first premium UHP summer tire backed by a mileage

Pirelli Tire LLC launched the latest generation Cinturato P1 Plus at the 2014 New York International Auto Show. The ultra-high performance summer tire is designed for luxury, mid-size, full size and sport cars, including the Acura TSX, Buick Regal and Chevrolet Cruze and Volt.

The Cinturato P1 Plus, derived from original equipment product development, is dedicated to the aftermarket. It shares many of the same performance characteristics of the Cinturato P1 OE tire, including the tread pattern. However, it maximizes driving pleasure without abandoning tread wear.

The replacement-only tire is available in 24 sizes ranging from 215/55R17 94V to 275/30R20 97Y. It features the following:

* high mileage: Thanks in part to a new mold profile, it is backed by a 35,000- mile limited tread wear warranty (and a 30-day trial).

* low rolling resistance: For a tire in its segment, it reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions thanks to a tread compound with innovative materials fthat also balance performance and safety in wet and dry conditions.

* an asymmetric, optimized tread pattern: The tire is designed to reduce road noise.

"The Cinturato perfectly illustrates Pirelli‟s brand values of performance, safety, durability and fuel efficiency," according to the company. "Cinturato P1 Plus is testament to Pirelli's commitment to expand its product portfolio for the North American market and to the Interactive Development Process which allows for a quicker response time for new products."

The Cinturato P1 Plus is the third in Pirelli's strategy of introducing a replacement tire that looks like its OE counterpart but caters to replacement buyers. For more information on the other two lines, check out the following links:

"A new Pirelli Scorpion: the Verde All Season Plus."

"Pirelli previews the Cinturato P7 All season Plus."

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