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April 22, 2014

Proper tire service equipment: 2 perspectives

Alpio Barbara services a lot of UHP tire and wheel assemblies at his  California dealership. He shares his advice with you and MTD in the 2014 Performance Handbook.
Alpio Barbara services a lot of UHP tire and wheel assemblies at his  California dealership. He

Tire service equipment seems to last forever. How many of you have a 20-year-old tire changer? How about 30 years old?

That's because the equipment is built to last. No planned obsolescence in our aftermarket!

‎Ultra-high performance tires helped change that. Combine those tires with larger-than-life Escalade tires, and you have created the need for new tire changing equipment.

When deciding exactly what is needed to service those UHP tire assemblies (and beyond), Modern Tire Dealer turned to the experts. All of them.

First, we talked with the equipment manufacturers. And by "we," I mean Ann Neal, MTD's associate editor. Her story appeared in our February 2014 issue. To read it, click on the following link:

"UHP tires and your service bays: an update on equipment designed for tougher assemblies."

"Ah," you say. "But it is the dealers, those of us in the trenches, who really know what is needed in our service bays." No worries!

Neal also talked with tire dealers to get their perspective on the matter. Her follow-up story appeared in our 2014 Performance Handbook in April. To also read that story, click on this link:

"Shopping for UHP service equipment? Three dealers share some tips."

If you read both stories, you should have a good idea on the type of equipment to get and why.

As always, you will need to keep an eye on necessary upgrades because keeping up with technology improves your service and increases your efficiency. And believe it or not, no piece of machinery lasts forever. (No letters from Hennessy Industries Inc., Hunter Engineering Co., Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, etc., please!)

But my guess is the latest UHP tire service equipment will be in your shop for quite a while. That will never change. -- Bob Ulrich

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