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May 12, 2014

Apollo Apterra H/P SUV tire now available

The Apollo Apterra H/P features large shoulder blocks combined with a continuous center rib for strong stability and handling.
The Apollo Apterra H/P features large shoulder blocks combined with a continuous center rib for

Apollo Tyres Ltd. now offers the Apterra H/P on-road high-performance summer tire for SUVs to the Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and North Africa markets.

Since April 2014, Apollo says the entire product range of Apollo SUV and 4X4 tires are now marketed under the Apterra brand. Apterra A/T tires are for all-terrain driving, and Apterra H/T tires are designed for highway driving.

Available in H and V ratings, the Apterra range of tires has a tread consisting of a multi-polymer compound for total safety, even at higher speeds, in line with the demands of high-performance vehicle drivers, notes Apollo.

Advanced Sipe Technology helps with effective water dispersion for excellent resistance to aquaplaning, and the smart positioning of the various tread segments reduces noise levels considerably, notes Apollo.

The strong carcass of Apterra H/P gives it an extra load capacity, making it ideal for heavier SUVs, such as the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 and X5.

Apollo says in the future the line will be expanded and higher speed ratings will be added to the Apterra range.

The Apterra H/P was developed at Apollo’s Global PV R&D Centre in the Netherlands.

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