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May 20, 2014

Marangoni wants you to stack tires with ease

The Easy Stacker moves tires from vertical to horizontal in one motion. More efficient tire manipulation results in greater productivity, says Marangoni.
The Easy Stacker moves tires from vertical to horizontal in one motion. More efficient tire

Marangoni Tread North America Inc. has added the Easy Stacker to its lineup of quality and distinctive products. The company has exclusive rights to the product in North America.

The Easy Stacker is a technological advancement in the logistical handling of commercial truck tires, according to Don Rizzi, national sales development manager. The tool "reduces cost and improves efficiencies. Both are key to keeping a competitive edge.”

The Easy Stacker fits forklifts with a minimum load capacity of 4,000 pounds and can be set up with a quick change option for greater versatility. It is designed to not only save time and reduce manpower needs, but also improve safety and decrease the likelihood of tire damage.

Bob Jewell, president of Jewell Tire Retreading Inc., says the Easy Stacker "is quicker and easier than any equipment I have ever seen. We’re operating up to 30% faster in trailer load/unload time and 50% faster in stacking tires over what we were using. We’ve virtually eliminated doing this by hand.”

For more information on Marangoni and its products, visit www.marangoni-na.com.

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