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May 30, 2014

TBC adds 17-inch sizes to Trailcutter line

With a slotted-shoulder, solid center rib design and a 50,000-mile/80,000-kilometer limited tread wear warranty, the Trailcutter HLT provides top tier brand performance at an affordable price, according to TBC.
With a slotted-shoulder, solid center rib design and a 50,000-mile/80,000-kilometer limited tread

TBC Wholesale Group is adding four 17-inch sizes to the Trailcutter HLT light truck line, which is part of its exclusive Edge Highway SUV/CUV/LT Powerline program.

The June addition of replacement and OE sizes LT265/70R17 E, LT245/75R17 E, LT245/70R17 E & LT235/80R17 E expands the line to 10 high-volume LT sizes and provides outstanding market coverage with over 90% of the RMA segment volume represented, according to the company.

“The Trailcutter HLT has the strength and durability to work hard day after day, combined with outstanding ride quality, great all-season traction and smooth handling,” says Jon Vance, senior director of marketing for TBC Wholesale.

“The addition of these key 17-inch sizes increases the appeal and value of this exceptional line for dealers and consumers alike. The Trailcutter HLT is a true high quality, economically priced alternative to the top tier products in this segment.”

The Trailcutter HLT line and Edge program are available through TBC Wholesale’s Core Brand programs for the replacement tire market. Designed to comprehensively service independent wholesale and retail dealers, these programs feature access to consumer and commercial products through affiliation with TBC Wholesale’s portfolio of proprietary brands including Multi-Mile, Eldorado, Cordovan, Sigma, Vanderbilt, Telstar, and Jetzon.

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