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May 26, 2014

TGI inks supply deal with Wabash National

Tire Group International LLC (TGI) has signed a tire supply agreement with Wabash National Corp., a diversified industrial manufacturer and one of North America’s leading producers of semi-trailers and liquid transportation systems.

The endorsement gives Wabash National and its customers in the United States access to an TGI's tire portfolio. As part of the deal, TGI also will be supplying the Industrial Purchasing Consortium (IPC), which is managed by Wabash National on behalf of the IPC member companies. The IPC provides its members (manufacturing, distributorship and other industrial companies) with incremental savings and cost reduction opportunities through economies of scale in the procurement of raw materials and component parts.

“This agreement is a milestone for Tire Group International, and it’s a solid stepping stone in further growing our U.S.A. market presence," says Chief Marketing Officer Joaquin Gonzalez Jr. "Wabash National and TGI jointly share the core values of integrity, trust and respect for all our customers, associates and partners."

TGI carries more than 40 brands of tires, including its own house brands. For more information about TGI and its product offerings, visit www.tiregroup.com, or check out these links:

"TGI expands international, domestic sales teams."

"Value + durability = Duramas from TGI."

"TGI has a new free trade zone in Florida."

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