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June 04, 2014

Marangoni unveils Easy Gripper for OTR tires

The Easy Gripper's 3-point arms are coated with granite-based grit to grip securely when wet, icy or oily.
The Easy Gripper s 3-point arms are coated with granite-based grit to grip securely when wet, icy or

Marangoni Tread North America Inc. has introduced Easy Gripper OTR tire handling equipment. The Easy Gripper fits forklifts and is designed to safely and efficiently handle OTR tires up to 29.5R29L5. 

The maximum load tilting capacity of the Easy Gripper 2160 is 2200 pounds.

The Easy Gripper is available for purchase now by any OTR, commercial and or wholesale tire operation in North America exclusively from Marangoni.

The advanced tire gripping technology of the Easy Gripper allows the operator to manipulate OTR tires for loading and unloading from trucks both horizontal and vertical as well as easily and safely stack tires. In addition, the product:

* reduces the mounting and dismounting time of big tires on/off hubs;

* eliminates tire bead or side wall damage caused by forks; and

* decreases the opportunity of accidents or injury from tires not properly secured while being moved.

With a 100-degree tire rotation and a center-mounted wide angle camera, the operator can position the wheel assembly bolt holes to align with the studs for quick and easy mounting and dismounting. 

“The Easy Gripper is an important addition that puts Marangoni at the forefront of bringing innovative equipment to the market that has an immediate impact on safety and productivity,” says Don Rizzi, national sales development manager .

For more information on Marangoni and its products, visit www.marangoni-na.com

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