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June 05, 2014

Network hosts NIS Technology Forum

The Automotive Distribution Network (ADN) Network Information Services (NIS) team recently hosted its third Technology Forum in Irving, Texas, for the group’s member warehouses and manufacturer partners.

“More than 100 information managers from car-care industry manufacturers and distributors gathered for hands-on training and instruction from NIS personnel to gain a thorough understanding of the group’s latest IT solutions,” said Mike Lambert, Network president.

During the forum, there were ample opportunities for the Network’s peers -- manufacturers, distributors and system providers -- to share information with each other and the NIS team, according to Tom Frey, the Network’s vice president of Information & Technology.

“The focus of the event is training, but the interaction has proven invaluable,” he said. “Many enhancements made to our software and services are a direct result of feedback we received during previous Network Technology Forum events. Hands-on training with our members and vendor partners help ensure a seamless transition with our evolving IT solutions as we strive to reduce the cost of doing business between the Network’s member warehouses and our suppliers.”

Operating under the brands of Parts Plus, Parts Plus Mexico, IAPA and Auto Pride, the Automotive Distribution Network says it is one of the largest, most diverse program groups in the industry.

For more information visit http://www.networkhq.org/.

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