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July 03, 2014

Autopromotec organizer opens a new head office

Promotec S.r.l. says its new head office is an automotive "power center" that houses the offices of the trade associations connected to the Autopromotec show.
Promotec S.r.l. says its new head office is an automotive  power center  that houses the offices of

Autopromotec show organizer Promotec S.r.l. announced it has opened a new head office in Anzola Emilia, Italy, that will also be home to the trade associations historically linked to the exhibition: the Italian Garage Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (AICA), the Italian Tyre Retreaders Association (AIRP), Federpneus and Assoruote.

Autopromotec is also called the International Biennal Exhibition of Automotive Equipment and Aftermarket Products show.

The building includes meeting rooms, a convention room and a large space that will host an experimental car repair shop for demonstrations featuring the most sophisticated automotive equipment for vehicle servicing.

Promotec says it is creating the conditions that may lead to widening the range of its show by further strengthening the relationship between Autopromotec and its trade associations and aftersales companies.

All this is possible, says Promotec, thanks to the new multifunction center, which provides a wide range of services and where large and fully equipped spaces can be hired for training courses or discussions.

“Now more than ever, with so many changes and developments happening in the market, the wide and complex automotive world needs to gather, meet, stay up-to-date, discuss and have a ‘network building’ capability in order to stay competitive and face the future and the challenges of increasing globalization, which has been exerting growing influence on this sector,” the company said.

“Not only tools and services, then, but also business-increasing activities: from attending the show to exploring new markets, from welcoming more and more foreign operators to planning new exhibitions in high-potential target markets.”

The facility is available for association meetings, including international groups. On May 28, 2014, the European Garage Equipment Association (EGEA) conducted its annual meeting at the new head office.

The Autopromotec show will take place in Bologna, Italy, May 20-24, 2015. For additional information visit www.autopromotec.com.

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