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July 30, 2014

Marangoni’s newest dealer holds open house

Rick Majewski (front row, third from left), vice president of Wilson County Tire and Retreading, prepares to cut the ribbon at the official opening of the newest Marangoni dealer. Behind and to his left are Bill Sweatman, CEO and president of Marangoni Tread North America, and Bob Majewski, CEO and president of Sumerel Tire Service.
Rick Majewski (front row, third from left), vice president of Wilson County Tire and Retreading,

Marangoni Tread North America Inc. announced that its newest dealer, Wilson County Tire and Retreading in Lebanon, Tenn., recently hosted an open house.

Bob Majewski, owner of Sumerel Tire Service in Newport, Ky., expanded his operation this summer with the addition of the retread facility.

Wilson County Tire and Retreading supplies retread customers in middle Tennessee and the Nashville market with Marangoni Retread system products.

Rick Majewski is vice president of the new operation. He has more than 30 years of retreading, fleet and service experience.

The open house featured a plant tour, Spot the Retread contest and an Out of Service tire demonstration. Guests could enter a drawing for the chance to win a set of eight commercial truck tires or four super singles to be retreaded using the Ringtread system on the winner’s own casings, according to Marangoni.

Visitors tested their knowledge and skills when they tried to spot the difference between a tire that had been retreaded using the Ringtread system verses a new tire. Marangoni says contestants identified the Ringtread 70% of the time as the new tire.

Marangoni and Wilson County Tire associates guided guests on a step-by-step tour that explained the process of creating a retreaded tire from delivery to finish using the Ringtread system.

Wilson County Tire and Retreading also offers a mounted-wheel program, drive-up service and pick-up and delivery.

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