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August 15, 2014

KYB completes Technical Center expansion

KYB's Technical Center expansion includes 12,000 square feet of additional floor space.
KYB s Technical Center expansion includes 12,000 square feet of additional floor space.

KYB Americas Corp. announced the completed expansion of the KYB Technical Center that operates next to KYB’s 575,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility in Franklin, Ind., and houses the latest in new product development, quality control and conditions testing equipment.

The expansion included an additional 12,000 square feet of floor space utilized by KYB engineers to run a battery of tests on new shock and strut designs. Additional valve seal durability, stress, vibration and fatigue tolerance testing are among the many new capabilities housed in the latest expansion.

Additionally, complete CNC machining and welding allows the KYB engineering team to fully concept, build and assemble prototypes right on the tech center floor.

“Our global development team and engineers in Franklin worked side by side to create a state-of-the-art expansion that underlines KYB’s global philosophy of ‘Our Precision, Your Advantage,’” said KYB Americas vice president Mike Fiorito.

“By continuously improving our research and development, internal testing capabilities, manufacturing procedures and assembly processes, we are able to more effectively deliver KYB products that continue to earn quality awards worldwide.”

For more information, log onto www.kyb.com.

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