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August 07, 2014

Michelin Truck launches new website

The new Michelin Americas Truck Tires website is designed to be more customer-driven and mobile-friendly.
The new Michelin Americas Truck Tires website is designed to be more customer-driven and

Michelin Americas Truck Tires announced it has launched a new and innovative website that includes some industry-first features and is designed to be more customer-driven and mobile-friendly than the previous version, which was considered a benchmark when first introduced.

On this new site, Michelin says customers can quickly use online tools that include fuel and mileage and weight savings calculators. www.MichelinTruck.com is accessible on all mobile devices and includes a more advanced tire selector with optimized search and tire model comparison functions.

Michelin says it is the first tire manufacturer to offer the retread selector, a function that indicates which retreads will fit on a particular tire casing. Information from the site can be printed or shared via social channels or email, and new features allow customers to create an account and save searches for dealers, tires, and access previous fuel and mileage and weight comparisons, as well as all available services, reference materials and testimonials.

“Our goal for the new site was to provide a robust user experience for our customers, with information and tools to assist their decision making and trucking operations” said Bianca Hogan, U.S. country marketing manager, Michelin Americas Truck Tires.

“Our customers will especially appreciate the new tire and retread selectors as well as the calculators that help estimate improvements to their bottom line.”

Upgrades include:

For more information on Michelin visit www.michelin-us.com.

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