NCTDA Expo and Trade Show Is Set for March 3-4

The North Carolina Tire Dealers Association 2017 Expo and Trade Show March 3 and 4 will feature Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich, as well as MTD’s 2016 Tire Dealer of the Year, Alpio Barbara.

The North Dakota DOT suggests using “winter-weight” motor oil in cold weather.

Car Care In the Cold

Winter car care is more about temperature than weather conditions. The cold directly affects many parts of the vehicle, including the battery, motor oil, tires, even windshield wiper blades.


Race Against a Racing Ban

The faster the industry gets on board H.R. 4715, the better. It is legislation that we need in order to prevent, well, further legislation.

Ron, left, and Wendel Burt have grown Burt Brothers Tire & Service into a nine-store, $36 million operation based in the greater Salt Lake metro area in Utah along the Wasatch Front. Wendel began his career with Goodyear in 1977.

The Extended Burt Brothers Family Relies on Togetherness to Succeed

I first met my good friends Wendel and Ron Burt at the old Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. headquarters in Akron, Ohio, in 1987. At the time, they worked for Triangle Tire Service in Bountiful, Utah. They were young, bright, and talked about the importance of family and religion.


Ultimately, Selling Is All About Human Interaction

There is no record of the first sales transaction. Perhaps it involved one caveman selling a loin cloth to another caveman. If so, I’ll bet it was advertised as “extra soft.” That’s called salesmanship!

Brian Finkelstein has helped his family-owned business open four distribution centers in two years, including the Fairfield, N.J., location.

On the Rise: As We Pay Tribute to Gen Y, We Build a Community

Millennials in the workplace are often the butt of jokes for their cultural characteristics, either true or imagined. Supposedly they are all “entitled” with a weak work ethic. And they still live at home, even into their 30s, surrounded by the trophies they received for participation.

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