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Tire registration is currently voluntary. Are you for or against making it mandatory?


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Were you surprised Giti Tire decided to build a plant in South Carolina?

I didn't care either way(43.8%)

American Tire Distributors' ownership is exploring a sale of the company. What do you think will happen to ATD?

IPO takes place(32.6%)
Tire manufacturer buys company(12.2%)
Another private equity company buys it(23.8%)
Not able to sell(16.9%)
Is sold in pieces(12.2%)
Prefers current business model(2.3%)

How big a threat to your retail tire business are car dealerships?

No threat. We beat them on service and price.(35.4%)
Increased competition -- they're ramping up!(46.9%)
About the same -- we've competed against them for years.(17.7%)

How do your winter tire sales this month compare to January 2013?

Way up(8.3%)
Way down(8.3%)
Same as last January(20.8%)

Will the Affordable Care Act change the way you do business?

No, it's business as usual.(39.2%)
Yes, I'm reducing what my plan covers.(6.7%)
Yes, I'm eliminating family coverage.(8.3%)
Yes, my employees will pay more.(33.3%)
Yes, I'll do a couple or all of the things listed here.(12.5%)

Tire pressure monitoring systems -- boost or burden?

A boost, we profit from servicing them(16.1%)
A burden, they're time-consuming to service(23.2%)
A boost, they save lives(28.6%)
A burden, consumers don't understand the technology(32.1%)

Is there room for more consumer tire brands in the U.S.?

The more, the merrier(18.2%)
There are too many(58.4%)
Depends on the price(3.9%)
Depends on the quality(15.6%)
I like it the way it is(3.9%)

Which of the following is your fiercest competitor?

Fellow independent(41.7%)
Warehouse club(8.3%)
Car dealer(13.3%)
Company-owned store(28.3%)

Do you allow your employees to bring guns into the workplace?

It hasn't come up(12.7%)

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