Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. has enhanced its Road Hazard Protection Program. Hercules is offering limited road hazard protection on all new Hercules branded passenger and light truck tires.

As part of the upgrade, the program promises free replacement for two years or the first 50% of tread life if a tire fails due to a road hazard during on-road use.

The coverage includes mud tires and commercial traction tires.

A few exclusions do apply, according to the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Tire Distributors Inc. Not covered are Hercules all-steel construction tires and polyester-steel trailer tires.

The enhancements went into effect Jan. 1, 2017.

As part of the upgrade to its limited protection policy, Hercules also promises free replacement for two years or the first 50% of tread life if a tire fails due to a defect in workmanship and materials arises.

"Years ago, we delighted our customers and surprised the industry when we introduced our outstanding Road Hazard Protection Program," says Jedd Emans, vice president of marketing for Hercules tires. "Now we're taking it one step further, giving our Hercules dealers an exclusive opportunity to offer what is arguably the industry's most comprehensive coverage of our passenger and light truck tires."

In addition, all premium-positioned PLT tires are now a part of the Hercules 30-Day Trust Our Ride Test Drive Program. The program gives consumers the option of exchanging their tires within 30 days of purchase, thereby giving the dealer an opportunity to recommend Hercules Tires with even more confidence.

“We don’t see anyone else offering this level of protection to consumers," says Emans. "A few brands extend specialized warranties for niche products, but only Hercules offers a protection policy that delivers this kind of breadth and depth. These are very significant enhancements that will go a long way with the consumer."

In addition, the Hercules Mileage Coverage Plan is still in effect for most passenger and light truck tires. Complete details can be found in the Hercules Tire Limited Protection Policy.

For additional information on Hercules consumer tires, visit www.herculestire.com.