High-value-added passenger tires is the buzz phrase in the tire industry right now. Also known as HVA tires, they are defined by some companies as tires 17 inches and above in size, by others 18 inches and above. Either way, they are trending upward.

According to the 2017 January Facts Issue, HVA tires 17-inch and above represent more than half of the 351 sizes in the aftermarket.

As the issue's Pricing and Sizes section shows, lower profile is the way of the world. There are only 13 13-inch sizes left, although one, 155/80R13, is still pretty popular (just ask any Walmart Tire & Lube Express). And there is only one 12-inch size.

Want to know what the Top 10 passenger tires were in 2016? How about the Top 10 LT sizes? You can find almost all the size and pricing information you want on page 38 of the Facts Issue, including advertising pricing on five passenger tire sizes and four LT sizes commonly found in retail inventories.

The advertised major and low-cost brand pricing is courtesy of Tire Intelligence LLC, which tracks tire pricing in the U.S. (and overseas) on a daily basis. Tire Intelligence also broke down the pricing for size 215/55R17 -- the most popular original equipment size in 2015 and the fourth most popular replacement size -- by speed rating.

If that is not enough, there are nine new consumer tire sizes the Tire and Rim Association says you might see in your service bays in 2017!

Every year, the Modern Tire Dealer Facts Issue is the first publication with in-depth performance reports on the tire industry from the previous year. For more information on the tire industry in 2016, check out the digital edition of the issue, which is already on our website, www.moderntiredealer.com. You also can visit these links:

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