If reports out of Asia are correct, details about the sale of Kumho Tire Co. will become more clear this week.

While everyone waits, a primer on the proposed sale is in order. Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich has been reading the reports since the "For Sale" sign went up a year ago.

In his latest B.O.B. blog, Ulrich looks at the potential sellers and buyers, plus the potential outcome. Because Kumho Asiana Group Chairman Sam-Goo Park has the right of first refusal, is it all moot?

At the very least, finding out who is interested in owning Kumho lets everyone know who is being aggressive in the market -- and who may remain aggressive even if they lose out on the bid.

To find out what is going on, read "Kumho Tire Sale Looks Imminent; Who Will Buy It?" And let us know what you think will happen, or how it will affect your business, by leaving a comment!