Close to 2,000 people, the majority of them tire dealers, have gathered in Orlando for the 2017 Goodyear Customer Conference. Information on new consumer and commercial tires will be shared with attendees at the general session on Monday, Jan. 30.

On Day One of the conference on Jan. 29, "employee engagement expert" Chester Elton told the tire dealers in attendance that growth starts with how you lead; how you inspire and reward your employees; and how you set the tone and create an environment in which to grow. 

Co-author of the business book "The Carrott Principle," Elton says all business leaders have to continually raise the bar in order to survive. He offered these suggestions.

1. Follow the Three E's: Engage, Enable and Energize your people.

2. Praise effort, but reward results.

3. "The closer the recognition is to the behavior, the more likely it is to be repeated."

On Day Two, Goodyear says it will showcase new Wrangler light truck and SUV tire sizes and a new "consumer specialty tire."

On the commercial side, Goodyear will introduce the following products:

The Kelly Armorsteel MSA is one of three new Kelly truck tires.

The Kelly Armorsteel MSA is one of three new Kelly truck tires.

* Kelly Armorsteel MSA, a mixed service all-position tire. It features a 20/32-inch tread depth. Kelly long-haul and urban products also will be introduced.

* the Goodyear premium Endurance RSD, which joins the RSA in the Endurance line. The company also has added sizes to the Endurance RSA.

* Goodyear mid-tier long-haul, regional and mixed service tires.

* retread products for the waste haul market.

Goodyear Chairman, CEO and President Rich Kramer will share his perspective on the direction of the tire industry with attendees on Day Three.

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