In his keynote remarks during Day Three of the 2017 Goodyear Customer Conference in Orlando, Chairman, CEO and President Rich Kramer described the emergence of a "new mobility ecosystem" driven by consumer attitudes and rapid advances in technology. "The new mobility ecosystem starts with changing attitudes of mobility."

Ultimately, the new ecosystem will be earmarked by a shift from individual vehicle ownership to ride-sharing; that includes the adoption of autonomous vehicles.

In his remarks to attendees, Kramer highlighted several of the factors creating the new mobility ecosystem:

* technology;

* connectivity ("tomorrow, connected components in a vehicle are going to talk to each other");

* convenience; and

* urbanization.

He said the trend toward migration to cities creates an ideal environment for adoption of new modes of transportation, plus a wider variety of choices beyond the use of a single vehicle for all purposes. Autonomous vehicles especially would benefit urban consumers, he said.

Kramer concluded by saying that even with such dramatic shifts in the future of mobility, the tire industry remains relevant and the need for tires will remain robust.