Wholesaler Dunlap & Kyle Tire Co. Inc. has partnered with TreadHunter Inc. to enable its retail tire store customers to sell tires online.

Consumers will shop for tires at TreadHunter’s online tire marketplace, which connects online shoppers directly to retail stores supplied by Dunlap & Kyle Tire.

Connecting consumers to the local store this way is one of the keys to future growth, according to Robert Dunlap, an owner of Dunlap & Kyle. "The TreadHunter marketplace solution allows our dealers and retailers to move easily onto an online marketplace to sell their tires and keep 100% of the tire profit,” he says.

The agreement covers all Dunlap & Kyle retail tire store customers in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia. 

Dunlap & Kyle Tire also does business as Gateway Tire and Hesselbein Tire. 

Greg Spence, TreadHunter CEO, says, "Working with Dunlap & Kyle is a great opportunity for both of our companies to bring an online tire marketplace solution to the enormous and fast growing online consumer who prefer to shop directly online. With a simplified registration, automated inventory updates, mobile app and a seamless integration with Dunlap & Kyles inventory we have a great partnership to drive more sales to these neighborhood retail customers."

About Dunlap & Kyle Co.

Dunlap & Kyle Co.. is a wholesale and retail tire dealer selling to independent dealers and retail stores from seventeen US wholesale locations.

About TreadHunter

TreadHunter is a national online tire marketplace that connects neighborhood retail tire stores directly to internet consumers.  Retailers sell tires from their inventory at their own price. For more information, visit www.treadhunter.com