Nothing could not stop Kelton Glaszczak and Richard Glaszczak from racing to the podium at the SNORE King Shocks Battle at Primm. The Glaszczak team, drivers of the Class 10 No. 1073 Richards Performance Muffler B&R Buggie, finished second in class during the two-day event. This marks the first podium for Radar Tires in 2017. 

The SNORE (Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts) King Shocks Battle at Primm ran a two-day race over a 13.9 mile circuit near Primm Nevada. Five laps were run on both Saturday and Sunday with the quickest total time determining the outcome. Qualifying was on Friday and Richard drove the #1073 class 10 car for qualifying and was second in line. The car felt ok during his run, but Glaszczak didn’t qualify as he wanted to and ended up in 4th. After experiencing understeer through some of the turns, alignment tweaks were made for race day. 

At the start of the race on Saturday, Richard was in the drivers seat, starting three rows back. He was able to pull in front of a car next to him off the start, and the momentum continued to build as halfway around the first lap he had caught the third place car and was able to make the pass. But then the unfortunate happened as he went to pass the second place car. As the dust restricted his view, he threw the vehicle sideways, hit a rut and caught the right rear tire, turning the Radar sponsored buggy on its side. Eight vehicles were able to pass him in the two and a half minutes that it took to get the car righted. He was able to battle his way back up to third physically, ending in second place on corrected time.  

“It’s probably one of the most fun races when you have to battle from falling back to 11th to getting back up to the front, and you could only do that with Radar Tires and not have to worry about getting flats," said #1073 driver Richard Glaszczak. 

Even with the unfortunate loss of time, Richard was able to claim the longest jump of the day overall, including the trophy trucks and class 1 cars, going off the dyke jump and sticking a 160 footer. 

Kelton Glaszczak was in the car for the second day, starting side-by-side with first qualifier Justin Davis. Kelton was quick off the line but Davis got in front of him at the start. He was able to maintain a second place position physically the entire race, with a large lead over third, securing the #1073 Class 10’s second place finish over the two-day event. 

"It's always a good feeling knowing you don't have to run a spare in these short course races because of the durability of our Radar Tires. I also feel that because of the great tread and sidewall design, it really helped me push the car harder through the turns, keeping me in the groove," said #1073 driver Kelton Glaszczak.    

Next up for the Glaszczak team is the SNORE Motion Tire 300, April 7-8, 2017 in Ridgecrest, CA.